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Receipt Advice

This page enables the customer to report receipt of in transit consigned inventory for a selected ship-to location. A location to location transfer records the transfer of consigned inventory from a consigned in transit location to a consigned customer site location.


  1. Enter received quantities. A error displays if quantities entered in Received Quantity do not match the In Transit Quantity.
  2. Click the Update hyperlink.

Inventory Menu



When clicked, performs the process and updates the files.


Item Number

A material item. Source: Engineering Workbench (EGMS).


The revision level of an item. An item is uniquely identified by its name and revision number.

Customer Item Number

The customer's name for an item in your product catalog. Source: Item/Customer Cross Reference Maintenance in Company Tables.


The customer's revision level for an item. An item is uniquely identified by its name and revision number.

Pack List

A pack list number.

Purchase Order

A purchase order number or identifier.

Sales Order

The sales order number or identifier.

SO Line

The order line number.

Delivery Line

A delivery line number.

In Transit Quantity

The quantity of a material item in transit.

Received Quantity

The quantity received.


A code representing a unit of measure. Source: Units of Measure (SYUMS) in System Tables.

Material Item Transaction History

Material item transactions create detail records in the Transaction History Inquiry in Inventory. A plus symbol (+) indicates an increase in quantity. A minus symbol (-) indicates a decrease in quantity. The associated source and qualifier codes are used to generate the literal text describing each detail record. In some reports the source code and qualifier code display instead of the literal text.