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Order Search Results

This page displays search results for orders. Click the Sales Order number for order details.

Paging Area

Sales Order

The sales order number or identifier.

SO Date

The date an order was created.

Estimated Amount

The total amount of the order after all discounts, taxes and VAT.

Purchase Order

The customer purchase order number.

PO Date

The date of the customer purchase order.


Open - No lines have shipped.

Partial Shipped - One or more lines have shipped.

Shipped - All lines have shipped.

Ship Complete?

If checked, all delivery lines for the entire order must be selected during pack list creation. If a user attempts to generate a pack list for a ship complete order and any single delivery cannot be packed, an exception report is displayed and no pack list is generated. If checked, Supply Chain Planning (SCP) can not split the delivery line. If blank, SCP can split deliveries.


Displays comments about this quote. The comments are maintained in the Cart Additional Information page. Corresponds to top comments maintained in the header of the sales order or sales quote in



Displays the next page of the search results.