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Lines for Order

This page displays order line details. Click Copy Order To Cart to copy this order to an empty cart. Click Modify This Order to change an order. These hyperlinks only display if the user's cart is empty.



The order line number.

Our Item

The seller's name for an item. Source: Engineering Workbench.

Our Revision

The revision level of an item. An item is uniquely identified by its name and revision number.


A description associated with a material item.

Your Item

The customer's name for an item in the seller's product catalog. Source: Item/Customer Cross Reference Maintenance in Company Tables.

Your Revision

The customer's revision level for an item. An item is uniquely identified by its name and revision number.

Order Quantity

The quantity ordered.


Sales transactions display quantities using the selling unit of measure. Set in Engineering Workbench and Service Item Policies in Engineering. Source: Units of Measure in System Tables.

Unit Price

The price per unit of measure.


The customer purchase order number.

PO line

The order line number.

PO Date

The date of the customer purchase order.

Ship Address

If blank, this line is being shipped to the standard ship-to address in Customer Profile. If an envelope icon displays, the standard ship-to address has been changed for this one line or for all lines in this order. Clicking the envelope icon displays the changed shipping address.

Configured Item

Displays the configuration of a configured item.

Delivery Details

This window maintains delivery dates and quantities.


Copy Order To Cart

Copies the quote lines or order lines to the cart.

Modify This Order

This page maintains an order. The modify hyperlink only displays if the user's cart is empty.