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Product Search Results

This window displays item search results.


Our Item

The seller's name for an item. Source: Engineering Workbench.

Our Revision

The revision level of an item. An item is uniquely identified by its name and revision number.


A description associated with a material item.

Your Item

The customer's name for an item in the seller's product catalog. Source: Item/Customer Cross Reference Maintenance in Company Tables.

Your Revision

The customer's revision level for an item. An item is uniquely identified by its name and revision number.


A code representing a unit of measure. Source: Units of Measure (SYUMS) in System Tables.

Unit Price

The price per unit of measure.

On Hand Quantity

The on hand quantity in the target location.

Configure Item

Items identified as configured items in Engineering Workbench are configured using the Engineering Configurator. Configured items and source configured items provide two separate methods of configuring items.

Available Quantity

The total quantity available.

Substitute Item

A substitute item for another item. Source: Engineering Workbench - Substitute. The substitute icon displays only if the original item is unavailable. Click the icon to display details about the substitute item.


If checked, selects a record for processing.



Displays the previous page of the search results.

Add Selected Item to Cart

This page maintains the list of items in the user's cart.


Displays the next page of the search results.