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CRM is a web-based application offering a subset of features available in's Contact and Opportunity Management application. CRM enables sales persons to maintain and inquire about organizations, sales opportunities, and activities on the internet. CRM requires the setup of GUI support tables in


Organizations can either be prospective customers, or institutions that are creating or influencing a sales opportunity. With organizations you can:

Sales Opportunities

Sales opportunities are directly related to a possible sale. With sales opportunities you can:

Linking Sales Opportunities to Multiple Organizations

A sales opportunity can be linked to multiple organizations. For example, a city council authorizes the building of a parking garage and several construction firms compete for the main contract. A manufacturer may be able to win a subcontract with any of the construction firms, but until the main contract is decided, the sales opportunity should be managed by linking it to each of the multiple organizations.


Activities manage the events and tasks associated with organizations and sales opportunities. With activities, you can:

Note: You must have the correct class privileges to access the CRM application. See your system administrator for additional information.