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Activities Link Maintenance

This page maintains activities associated with an opportunity. Leaving all fields blank searches for all activities.



An organization number or identifier. Source: Organization Workbench in Contact and Opportunity Management.


An organization location. An organization is uniquely identified by its name and location.

Opportunity ID

An opportunity number or identifier. Source: Opportunity Workbench in Contact and Opportunity Management.

Assigned To

The CRM user assigned to this organization. Source: CRM User Definition in Contact and Opportunity Management.

Activity Date From / To

Limits the search to a range of activity dates.

Show Future

If checked, displays only future activity records.

Show Late

If checked, displays only late activity records.


A code representing the status of a sales opportunity/organization. Source: Status Codes in Contact and Opportunity Management.


A code representing a type of activity. Source: CRM Activity Type Maintenance in Contact and Opportunity Management.

Open Activities Only

If checked, displays only open activities.


A summary description of the activity.


Search For Activity

This page maintains a list of activities. Activities can be associated with organizations, opportunities or combinations of organizations and opportunities.

Add Activity

Adds a new activity.