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Field Service Order - Material - Remove Item from Site Register

This page selects an item to remove from the site register and receives it into the FSE location. Selecting the Broken checkbox causes an associated 'broken' item to be received into the FSE location in place of the item displayed in the Item field.



FSO Header

This page displays header attributes for a field service order.


This page maintains material lines for the FSO.


This page maintains service lines for a field service order.


This page displays and maintains expenses for the FSO.


This page displays and maintains labor lines for the FSO.

Paging Area


If checked, the item quantity being removed is a broken type of FRU item. When a FRU item quantity on an installed bill of material is removed and identified as 'Broken' in a field service order, then a corresponding quantity of the broken type item is increased in the FSE type location.


A field replaceable unit (FRU) material item listed as a component of a machine. Source: Site Register Maintenance in Installation Management.


The revision level of an item. An item is uniquely identified by its name and revision number.


The lot number assigned to an item, if the item is identified as lot controlled.


The serial number assigned to an item, if the item is identified as serial controlled.


The required quantity.


Production, inventory and costing transactions display quantities using the stock unit of measure. Set in Engineering Workbench. Source: Units of Measure (SYUMS) in Company Tables.


Item accounting group code. The accounting group code assigned to a record determines the accounts used to create journal entries when Financial Integration Management is processed. Source: Item AGC Maintenance in Company Tables. Defaults from the field service agreement, then the item planning record.

Reason Code

A code representing the reason for this transaction. Source: Reason (SYRSNS) in Company Tables.


This window allows comments to be entered about this line.


Update FSO

Updates the field service order.