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FSE Indirect Hours Entry by Week-Ending Date

This window maintains the hours reported for each day of the week by indirect time code. It also displays the direct hours reported for all field service orders for this field service engineer across all Companies. If direct hours are reported, the hours are underlined with hyperlinks.


Time Accounting and Projects

Indirect time is not billable to the customer, but the cost associated with this indirect time can be reported to a project and task using Time Accounting. Project related indirect labor costs are displayed in Project Actuals in Project Accounting, along with all other costs associated with the project. A project must use a cost capture point of R, M or S to report indirect labor costs to a project. A field service engineer must have a cost rate defined in the FSE record for costs to display in Project Accounting.



A Company code representing a business organization within an enterprise. Source: Company Number Maintenance in System Tables.


A ML represents a manufacturing plant or distribution center in an organization and serves as the primary inventory location record in Source: ML Maintenance in Inventory.


The field service engineer identifier. Source: Field Service Engineer Setup in Field Service Orders.

FSE Name

The name associated with a field service engineer ID.

Week Ending

The end day of the week. Source: Work Week Ending Days or Default Week End Day Maintenance in Field Service Orders.

Time Sheet Status



Paging Area

Time Code

The reason code representing a category for indirect time. Source: Indirect Time Reasons in Field Service Orders.

Code Description

The description associated with an indirect time code.

Total Hours

The total hours reported by a field service engineer.


... (ellipsis symbol for Direct Hours)

This window displays the field service order labor hours reported by a field service engineer for a specific work week.

... (ellipsis symbol for indirect hours)

This window allocates indirect time to one or more projects and tasks.


Updates Time Accounting.

Posting Date

This window displays current and secured date ranges for the current Costing & Value Adds fiscal period. Secured dates allow transaction processing outside of the current fiscal period.


This window displays the entire time accounting calendar year for a field service engineer.