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Direct Hours Details

This window displays the field service order labor hours reported by a field service engineer for a specific work week. These direct hours are combined with the indirect hours reported by field service engineers using FSE Indirect Hours Entry by Week-Ending Date to account for the total hours spent by the field service engineer for a specific work week.



A Company code representing a business organization within an enterprise. Source: Company Number Maintenance in System Tables.


A ML represents a manufacturing plant or distribution center in an organization and serves as the primary inventory location record in Source: ML Maintenance in Inventory.


The field service engineer identifier. Source: Field Service Engineer Setup in Field Service Orders.


The status of the field service order:

Quote - The field service order is a quote.

Open - The field service order is in process.

Confirm - The field service order is completed.

Week Ending

The week end date.


The date a transaction was created.

Paging Area


A code representing a field service order. Source: FSO - Machine Information in Service in Customer Portal.

Sales Company

A Company responsible for sales transactions. Source: Sales Company Relationships in System Tables.

Bill Code

A code representing the price/hour charged for labor in field service orders. Source: Labor Bill Code in Field Service Orders.

Labor Line

The line number.

Start Date

The start date.

Start Time

The start time.

End Time

The end time.


The number of hours worked.

Bill Code Total

The extended price, hours times hourly rate, for this bill code.

FSO Total

The sum of all labor bill code totals for this field service order.

Grand Total

The sum of all FSO totals.