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Site Register Search Results

This page displays search results for items in the site register of the currently selected machine. A machine must be selected before this page displays search results.



A Company code representing a business organization within an enterprise. Source: Company Number Maintenance in System Tables.


A ML represents a manufacturing plant or distribution center in an organization and serves as the primary inventory location record in Source: ML Maintenance in Inventory.


A field replaceable unit (FRU) material item listed as a component of a machine. Source: Site Register Maintenance in Installation Management.


The revision level of an item. An item is uniquely identified by its name and revision number.

Quantity Available

The quantity available.


Production, inventory and costing transactions display quantities using the stock unit of measure. Set in Engineering Workbench. Source: Units of Measure (SYUMS) in Company Tables.


The unit price of an item.


The lot number assigned to an item, if the item is identified as lot controlled.


The serial number assigned to an item, if the item is identified as serial controlled.